🐑 Current order to ship date is equal to or less than 4 weeks. (Expect longer turnaround on orders containing EarthDay sale pieces)! 🐑 #shopsmall #shopsustainable ♥


Handmade to Order

A true #slowfashion business where every piece is made to order, from start to finish.


Small Business Model

Sustainable business model that focuses on responsibility to the future.


Fabrics Locally Created

Tencel TM, mulesing free, RWS & GOTS fabrics: Responsibly made by Dawn.


Community Driven

Interacting with our customers is the highlight of our day! Join our FB group.

How It Works


Confirm Orders

Place your order with customizations to fit you. Your order is cut and sewn after it is placed to reduce waste and allow customizations, a true slow fashion business.


Made For You

Your custom item is cut and sewn by Dawn based on your specific needs. All orders are sewn within the time frame stated during ordering, typically 2-6 weeks.


Deliver at Door step

Your custom made item is delivered and you celebrate with joy. All orders are fulfilled and shipped within a specified time frame.

Our Story

Community is the heart of HumBird.
What do we mean by that? We’re so glad you asked!

We believe the Earth comes first.
After all, it’s the place we all call home. We know our choices — big or small — impact the health of our environment, and we have a responsibility to do our part to protect our planet. All of your clothes are cut after ordering to reduce waste. We donate most of our scraps to an art teacher so they can be further used.

We believe in paying it forward.
Our community reaches far and wide, and we believe in lifting each other up. From sharing the small businesses we love, to supporting organizations with a mission we can really stand behind, we play a part in making the world a better place.

We believe that small business practices can make a big difference!
When you purchase HumBird products, you always know who is creating for you, and we love to give you a peek behind the scenes. Creating pieces that our customers love makes us smile.

We believe everyone needs a place where they belong.
Everyone needs a clan, and the HumFam is ours! We have a group on FaceBook where customers and friends can interact, talk HumBird and life, and share pictures of their newest HumBird items (or old favorites!). Have you joined our HumFam yet? Join here! 


We believe in paying it forward.
Our community reaches far and wide, and we believe in lifting each other up. From sharing the small businesses we love, to supporting organizations with a mission we can really stand behind, we play a part in making the world a better place.


Love for HumBird


We are commercial fisherman and have always worn wool fishing, but now LIVE in HumBird when we fish. My husband literally wears these for weeks at a time.

Bridgette R.


HumBird for me is a company that shares my values of environmental and social responsibility. It’s one of the ways that my family has taken a step back from “fast fashion.” I’m confident that when I buy from HumBird, my money is supporting not only the ethical treatment of Dawn’s employees, but everyone in the supply chain, thanks to Dawn’s rigorous criteria for sourcing her materials. And the environmental impact of my purchases is as minimal as possible while maintaining exceptional quality. When my kids want new clothes, they don’t ask me to take them to the store. They say, “can you tell Mama Dawn to make me some more pants?” #whyiwool

Monica B.


HumBird isn’t just a clothing line. It’s a family. It’s a safe space to talk about life, parenting choices, and ask genuine questions to fellow moms. While I LOVE the wool and am so happy to have found it, I get great joy from reading comments on “OT” posts. Everyone here lifts each other up in such amazing ways, it’s refreshing to see. As this clothing line grows, I hope Dawn Jesse knows that she is also creating a community. One that I hope continues to nurture a love of nature, gentle parenting, exploration and creativity. Love all the HumMums

Kristen O.


Buying from HumBird not only keeps my kids utterly adorable and comfortable, but now the whole family can enjoy! We feel so honored to be clothed (and the babies diapered!) by Dawn and her small team. Not only are the materials of utmost quality, they’re ethically and responsibly sourced and produced. I’m so grateful for finding HumBird. Now I know what it feels like to feel really good about what my dollars are supporting. This company’s values stand apart from the norm. Being stylish and so cozy all the time are just added perks!

Sierra A.


Humbird wool has built a little birdhouse in my soul We do not just own awesome wool pants from Humbird, we own personality pants. From Hulk pants, Blippi pants, Elsa pants, Baby Yoda pants, Forky pants, Ironman pants, Dr Strange pants, to Rainbow pants. My kids not only wear warm and comfortable clothing, but wear the color of the person they feel like that day. The diaper covers are just as colorful and keep the bed as dry as Tatooine as I have two heavy wetters.

Ed B.


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