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Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads

Wool Nursing Pads

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Order these nursing pads, made from 97% merino wool and 3% spandex interlock to provide superior protection for your clothes. Nursing pads ship within 48 hours (not including Sunday).

What are wool nursing pads?

Wool nursing pads are great for nursing moms. Wool is an extraordinary fiber as it is natural, fire resistant, easy to care for, anti-microbial, and is temperature regulating. It not only keeps you warm in the winter, but it keeps you cool in the summer. Wool is perfect for nursing moms who want a superior, all-natural protection.

As a personal item, nursing pads cannot be returned for hygiene purposes, even in new, unused condition. I cannot formally verify this, and therefore cannot resell the item.

Pad weights

Light: 1 layer of 97/3 (97% wool 3% spandex) soft, felted wool interlock. These are also offered without serging if you are sensitive to it. Please note that the unserged pads will "fuzz" at the ends. I recommend serging unless you have a sensitivity.

Medium: 2 layers of soft, felted 97/3 wool interlock. 

Overnight: 3 layers of soft, felted 97/3 wool interlock. The sandwiched inner layer is made 1" smaller so that they conform to the breast better.

I recommend Light pads for ladies who have only light leaks, likely during the later parts in their nursing experience. Medium pads work for most women during the day, and Overnight pads are great for, well, overnight, and during the early weeks of nursing when your milk supply is not yet well regulated resulting in an oversupply.

Pad diameters

4 1/2" in diameter is ideal for less than A-B cups, or for women who wear lower cut bras.

5 1/2" in diameter is ideal for B-DD cups.

6 1/2" in diameter is ideal for DD+ cups.

Try to buy pads that just fit your bra. It may seem like large pads are less discreet, but when they fill the entire cup of your bra, they do not create seams that can be seen through your shirt. Smaller pads that don't fill the cup may create visible seams through your bra.

How many do I need?


I recommend a minimum of 2 pairs, one to wear, and one to dry while you wear the other. Typically, I recommend washing every 2 weeks. Earlier in nursing when there is an abundance of milk, they may need more frequent washing.

To quote some mamas who use our nursing pads, "I wash them when they start to feel crunchy."

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