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BFF 2-Way Stretchy Bamboo FLEECE Flats (Peep)
BFF 2-Way Stretchy Bamboo FLEECE Flats (Peep)

BFF 2-Way Stretchy Bamboo FLEECE Flats (Peep)

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Please note that due to the weight of flats and flat rate shipping flats can not be combined shipped with any other product.

b-side (aka seconds): These flats are marked as "b-side" and are 10% off. Serging is not up to the quality I prefer, and a different type of thread was used than was requested. We also noticed a small "v" notch on some flats when inspecting them. This may be caused by a fold during cutting. Due to the time it takes to individually re-inspect a large amount of flats, we have decided to sell all of them as b-side* quality. Some may not have  a "v" at all, while others may have another small error. All big errors (holes or other marks), however, were taken out.

Pictures of an example "v" notch below.


Color note: Please note that Turquoise flats tend to bleed and should be washed with like colours until it subsides.


The BFF flat is named as it might just become your best friend forever. The flats are made with 2-way stretchy fleece. It weighs 320gsm, and contains 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% lycra (spandex). It is then serged with textured polyester thread.

The stretch is 50% in one direction and approximately 15% in the other direction. They are smooth as a cute little baby's butt on one side and fleecy on the other.

The fleece can be worn against the skin or facing outwards. They are super absorbent, and are pin- and snappi-friendly.


Flats are designed to be worn under a cover, with wool covers being my personal favourite type of cover. The combination of flats and wool allows your child's bum to breath, which helps keep diaper rashes away.

Flats come in four sizes. They are not prepped. After washing and drying, the final size will be approximately as stated below. Please note that the final size is NOT exact as these are stretch fabrics, so please allow a 5% difference.

Size 0: 17" x 17" (43cm x 43cm)* fits from birth to around 15 pounds

Size 1: 22" x 22" (56cm x 56cm)* fits from birth (but expect it to be bulky) until 20+ pounds

Size 2:  26" x 26" (66cm x 66cm)* fits around15 - 30 pounds. 

Size 3:  28" x 28" (71cm x 71cm)* fits around 20 - 45 pounds.


Who is Peep? Peep is a division of HumBird that offers flats and fitted diapers. In order to meet customer needs and simultaneously cut down on the in-house workload, I have decided to work with my China-based diaper fabric maker whom I have had a longstanding relationship with.

All finished products will be personally tagged and inspected here in Germany. All products are CPSC certified. These current flats and OS fitted diapers will be offered at an introductory tester rate. Resulting customer feedback will determine if they will be offered again in the future.

Peep production:



 *b-side quality products, due to the price discount, are not covered under warranty

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