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Supernova Overnight Diapers - Wet sheets be gone
Supernova Overnight Diapers - Wet sheets be gone

Supernova Overnight Diapers - Wet sheets be gone

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Stockings happen only a few times a year and sell out quickly.  Join the HumBird BST and Chat on facebook to follow stocking announcements. 

Diapers are currently made without an outside HumBird tag sewn on. These are a one-size fitted cloth diaper with a snap down rise system. The diaper has a rise of 20" and fits approximately 12/15 to 40+ pounds depending on the shape of the baby.

Overnight diapers pair well with a wool diaper cover from my collection.

The Supernova construction:

  • Shell is made from 3 layers of organic bamboo-cotton.
  • Supernova inserts provide the best absorption or overnight cloth diapering.
  • The flare soaker has snaps on the very end to give more folding options so you can get the added protection where your baby needs more absorption.
  • The flare soaker is made up of 1 layer of organic bamboo velour (either natural or coloured) and 3 layers of heavy bamboo organic cotton fleece.
  • The doubler is made of 2 layers of heavy cotton bamboo fleece (please note the doubler recently went through a size change and is slightly larger then before as I found I can cut a slightly bigger one and have less fabric waist).
  • The booster is made of 2 layers of heavy cotton bamboo fleece.

 All products made by HumBird in 2016 are CSPC compliant. Take comfort in knowing that all my fabrics have been tested for the safety and well being of your baby.

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