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Add-on: Custom Waistband increase/decrease

Add-on: Custom Waistband increase/decrease

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Add or remove waistband length on your wool preorders. Each unit added to cart is 1/2" of alteration. For example, if you would like 1" added to waistband, please buy 2 waistband add-ons.

Hip and Calf are currently in testing and subject to change.

Add on only to hip up to 1". Please note this will slightly decrease the rise of the woolie in order to maintain the leg shape.

Add on to Calf-up to 1". Please note that depending on the pattern the ankle opening will change differently. The location of the calf is based on the trouser being the correct inseam. If you buy an inseam that is more than 1" longer the calf enlargement might no longer be in the correct location.



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