February 17, 2024

Repairing your Wool Clothing

Don't throw away your clothing because of one little hole! Your clothes are valuable, lets repair them and wear as long as possible. It will save you money and it will decrease what gets dumped in the landfills. 

 1. Find the hole

hold in wool

2. Find the closest matching thread and begin sewing.

find matching thread


3. Hand sew the hole shut.

sew shut

  finish up sewingstyle=


4. Get a scrap piece of fabric. Can be the same fabric or not. 

Scrap piece of fabric


5. Pin the scrap piece in place or use washable basting glue. You should test your fabric first before using glue on it to be sure it does not stain. 

pin in place


6. Use the sewing machine to go back and forth and up and down numerous times to darn the hole closed.

all sewn close

7. Cut the excess patch fabric being careful not to cut your garment.

All fixed

8. Enjoy your freshly mended item.

Freshly mended item.