Shipping policy

CORONA UPDATE: Currently mail service to certain countries is affected due to decreased international flights. All orders from the following countries will be held until the ability to ship opens up. Once the item is sewn it will not be refunded. If you would like to know more about your country please check with your post office.

Please note that HumBird shipments shipped Oct. 26- December have an extended transit time of up to 12 weeks. As this was a new and unforeseen issue we can only wait for the shipments to arrive. As of January 2021 USA orders will ship per UPS 1 to up to 4 times a month in bulk shipments. This reduces the transit time from the 3 months to approximately 2 - 4 weeks.

USA shipping is now through UPS. UPS first brings the shipments to the Netherlands and will show "delivered". They will then be scanned again on their way to the USA. Please know that this is normal and expected and it is not actually finished on its route to you when it updates as "delivered" to the Netherlands.

The current shipping time is as follows: (there is no shipping on Saturday or Sunday Central European Time).

⏰ Ready to Ship (RTS) items: within 3 business days unless shipping to the USA via deutschepost. The packages can be tracking through USPS.

⏰ Please order Merino Jersey items separate from interlock. Turn around time is generally 6-8 weeks.

⏰ Preorder interlock items: within 4 weeks unless otherwise posted.

⏰ Retail Made to Order (MTO) interlock items: Orders are made within 4 weeks unless otherwise stated and then ship within 3 days.

The shipping time listed above is the estimated time from when your HumBird order is placed, to when it will be shipped.

This value is updated to be as accurate as possible with what we currently know.



 Shipping is based on weight/cost of order and varies based on country.