🐑 June interlock preorder Whatchamacallit (heathered brown) and Sea Holly (graffiti wool) June 1-7th or until supplies run out (ships by June 21)! Merino Jersey clothing will reopen June 9th (ships by July 31)! 🐑

Adult Wool

Adult wool items are made with the same stretchy wool used for children's wool! Please take note that ALL adult wool will now be sewn using both an overlock and a coverlock for stronger seams.

🚨 IMPORTANT 🚨: Adult wool items purchased with LayBuy will not be sewn until LayBuy has cleared. Please allow 4 weeks after payment has cleared for your order to be ship ready. Please note that the added 4 weeks is to the standard ready-to-ship by date.


Mama Wool: Currant Jam, Oxford Pigeon, Carob, Abyss (with optional RainBow trim!) 

How should adult wool fit?

If you like leggings, try to find a fit that isn't stretched too tightly because unlike synthetic and highly processed fabrics, wool leggings may show wear at the seams when pulled too tightly. 

You want to be able to squat, bend, and stretch the seams without pulling to the maximum allowed to ensure the best life of your wool. 

Please keep this in mind when taking measurements for your HumBird wool and thank you so much for stopping by! 

A word about caring for your adult interlock items:
Interlock wool comes to you pre-felted; this is why many people feel comfortable washing it in machines. But, while machine washing won’t felt your interlock like it would your knits, it might tug and pull and stress the fabric, causing premature wear.

To give your HumBird interlock items their best life, we recommend hand-washing in Unicorn Beyond Clean, removing excess water using the towel method, and laying flat to dry.

See our Wool Care Guide for detailed instructions on caring for your HumBird wool.