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Diaper Sizes and Fit

HumBird currently offers 2 categories of diapers for under your wool diaper cover: Hybrid cloth diapers and fitted cloth diapers. Both styles are highly absorbent and made from natural fibers. They pair perfectly with a HumBird wool cover or wool wrap, these keep the wet in:

1. Hybrid Cloth Diapers: Hybrids are made with a hidden layer of fleece to provide many hours of cover-less diapering. Hybrids are not 100% waterproof but are much more breathable than standard PUL diapers. Many children with sensitive skin have less problems in hybrids that in a PUL equivalent. HumBird hybrids are made with various fleeces most being top quality malden mills polartec fleeces.

2. Fitted Cloth Diapers: Fitted diapers always require a cover to be waterproof. HumBird fitteds are made in 3 types of fabrics and come in daytime, nighttime, and heavy wetter nighttime varieties. Pair these fitteds with a HumBird wool cover for 100% breathable diapering.

Please note that diapers come in 4 sizes (all sizes can be made upon request and special order) and all pair well with all of the wool diaper covers:

Size 1: HumBumBitty (ca. 6-20 pounds)

Size 2: The "standard" size for most other diaper makers; also found under HumBum2 (ca. 12-35 pounds)

Size 3: HumBum3 is the standard size of HumBird and will take most up to potty training; this size is unique to HumBird (ca. 12-40+ pounds)

Size 4: XL size is only found in fitteds (ca. 20-60+ pounds)