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Add-on: Cuffs (Retail) KIDS ONLY

Add-on: Cuffs (Retail) KIDS ONLY

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As of January 1, 2021 all add on cuffs will be made to be smaller than the opening of the leg. If you would like your cuff the same opening as the leg please leave a note in customizations. This applies to full length schmals, rf schmals, straights, rf straights, longies and WL and SL longies only, for all other trouser options, shorts and capris the opening will not change.

Include this add-on to add cuffs to your woolies.

Note: Cuffs do NOT increase the overall inseam. Total inseam stays the same even with cuffs added. They are simply added to the "body" of the pants. If you want to increase the inseam, either through the pant or through the cuff, go to inseam add-on.

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