🐑 Introducing our new graffiti wool in Desert Sunrise and Aquarius May 1-7th or until supplies run out! Merino Jersey clothing will reopen May 9th! 🐑

Add-on: Patch Pocket (Retail) KIDS
Add-on: Patch Pocket (Retail) KIDS

Add-on: Patch Pocket (Retail) KIDS

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Add a patch pocket to your woolie! The pockets are not exact and it is possible the placement changes slightly during the preorders.

For kids WOOL only - do not order for adult wool. Pockets will now be sewn on using a new method to help prevent waviness and fuzz.

You can only request the 2 locations available. Please do NOT request another location as it will not be honored. If you would like to have an order more custom then you will need to order at retail prices so please contact me. Preorder prices are priced 10% lower due to a streamlined process; special requests must occur outside of this streamlining. 

⏰ What is the current turnaround time? Check the latest here.