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Adult: Activity Skirt
Adult: Activity Skirt
Adult: Activity Skirt

Adult: Activity Skirt

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The HumBird Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

The activity skirt is designed to be worn over leggings/pants/jeans to give you extra warmth from belly button to just below the crotch. I use mine for over my running tights during cold days. It is 14" in total length and has a high rise. The back piece of the activity skirt will have a slight flare out at the hem. This is not a design failure, it is the nature of a fitted mini skirt and due to wool being a thicker fabric it is more noticeable. The waistband is also made slightly less snug as the original due to feedback.

It is short enough to not restrict my movement during running and long enough to only ride up slightly to rest just below my buttocks and keep my kidneys and mid section warm. Get yours today!

STEP 1: Size

Measure your high hip and full hip and then choose the correct size using the size chart below. We recommend rounding to the nearest size if you are between sizes.

STEP 2: Rise

The skirt has a high rise and comes to approximately just below the belly button. Each body has a slightly different shape and we can not say exactly where it will fall on all body shapes.

STEP 3: Total Length

The total length is measured from the top of the waistband to the hem. Please allow a 5% variance in the length requested due to interlock being a stretch fabric (different colours stretch differently and different lengths stretch differently due to different amounts of fabric). If you would like a shorter total length please click on the "yes" to customizations box and write the minus length you would like. For example, please -2 inches from total length.

STEP 4: Waistband

Please measure your waist where your desired rise falls. The waistband is NOT cut at the measurement but the measurement is used to make a custom waistband for your waist. This means the waistband is smaller than the entered measurement.

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