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Adult: Wool Interlock Lounge Shorts (SHORT)

Adult: Wool Interlock Lounge Shorts (SHORT)

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🚨 Important information: Please read through before ordering. 🚨

👉 UPDATE ON CUFFS: Cuffs are now optional. To add cuffs, please use the Cuffs add-on for adult wool.

👉 DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that these are made from a predesigned pattern, and not all patterns fit all bodies. Just like a pair of pants you purchase from the store, fit will differ among individuals. The pattern is based on the Elliedactyl 10pm lounge pants.

Please check measurements, and watch Dawn's video in HumBird's Facebook group on how to measure yourself. Ask an admin from the Facebook group for help if you have sizing questions.

Given that Dawn isn't personally measuring you before cutting and sewing, it is still impossible to guarantee a perfect fit. The pattern measurements are included below though, to let you see approximately what body size fits what pattern size.

👉NOTE ON WOOL: Different colours react differently to the wool. Some will be "softer" and some will have differences in "stretch". This is normal and not a flaw. This means that different colours may fit slightly different than other colours.

Also, while wool is wonderful and resilient, it is still a natural fibre at the end of the day. Various degrees of wear is normal, and dependent on a number of things: amount of continuous wear, activities done in them, general fit, and overall care. Even something as simple as how you regular sit, and squat up and down, can play a role in how various areas of your pants can experience wear.

Please contact a Facebook group admin if you have concerns about premature wear, and we would love to troubleshoot with you!

How to Order

STEP 1: Measure yourself

Take the following measurements:

  • Natural Waist (usually an inch or two above belly button)
  • "Crotch Length" Waist (more info below; see step 4)
  • Hip (at the widest part)
  • Thigh Girth
  • Inseam

Tape measure should NOT indent into your body. You should be able to fit 2 fingers, no more no less, under the tape measure (basically touching the body and not falling down).

Note: Waist is measured at 2 different places. The Natural Waist measurement is used for selecting pant size (Courageous, Ambitious, etc). The "Crotch Length" Waist is used for your custom waistband.

If you are between sizes, I recommend sizing down. If you want a more fitted look, I also recommend sizing down. My measurements are waist 29, hip 39 3/4, thigh 35 inseam 29. I made both Confident and Powerful sizes. Both fit. Confident was a loose fit, and Powerful fit snug-ish from thigh up, and fit looser below the thigh. I also made a 31.5" inseam. Due to the cut of them, I prefer them a bit longer, so I recommend ordering 1-1.5" longer. BUT, this is all a personal preference.

STEP 2: Select Pant Size

Check size chart below and pick the overall pant size that best suit your Natural Waist, Hip, and Thigh Girth measurements.

STEP 3: Select Inseam

Inseam is measured from crotch to where you want your shorts to fall. Please note that additions and subtractions of inseam are not 1:1 from paper pattern to sewn up item. The larger the addition/subtraction is the slightly more difference there will be.

The standard inseam is included in the price. You can add length to inseam for additional cost, or subtract inseam for free (just select the desired inseam here). The fabric is stretchy, so where it falls may be different depending on body type.


STEP 4: Select Custom Waistband Size

For your custom waistband, find the top of your front rise, place your measuring tape there, and make a full circumference of your waist straight around. Take that measurement and round to the nearest 1/2". This measurement is very important to have a waistband that fits correctly. The waistband is NOT cut at your measurement, your measurement is used to make the correct size for you. The waistband will be much smaller than what you ordered to account for stretch and help ensure your pants do not sag over time.

STEP 5: (Optional) Add Rise - Currently in testing!

You can choose to add rise. Unlike leggings, you can not specify exact rise. Rather, if you choose to add rise, it will be split evenly between front and back rises. E.g. a +2" in rise will result in an additional 1" in front rise, and 1" in back rise.

Rise addition to lounge pants is currently still being tested, so expect changes and variances in the future.

The waistband is NOT cut at your measurement, your measurement is used to make the correct size for you. The waistband will be much smaller than what you ordered to account for stretch and help ensure your pants do not sag over time.

Each style of adult wool pants/capris/shorts offered comes from a pre-designed pattern. The sizes that are offered in each style are based solely upon a set of measurement ranges for each size. As such, just like a pair of pants you would buy from the store, a specific size of pants will fit one individual differently than another individual. While the custom waistband allows for an individual to have a unique fit where they would like the waistband to sit on their body, that fit is based entirely upon the correct measurements being taken by that individual. 

It is imperative that prior to taking your measurements you watch the measuring videos that Dawn has created as well as ask an admin any sizing questions that you may have. This will help to ensure that you are correctly taking your measurements before deciding on an overall pants size as well as your custom waistband size. Due to the fact that Dawn is not personally measuring each individual prior to cutting and sewing their pants, it is impossible to guarantee an absolute perfect fit. Please also keep in mind that because a pre-designed pattern is being used, not all body types will fit as equally well into each style.

Please remember that while wool is wonderful and resilient, at the end of the day, it is a fiber. Various degrees of wear are going to be normal and entirely dependent on numerous factors. Amount of continuous wear, activities done in the pants, general fit, and overall care will all play a role in how well they last. Even something as simple as how you regularly sit or squat up and down can play a role in how various areas of your pants can begin to experience wear. Please feel free to contact an admin if you ever have concerns about premature wear in your pants, and we would love to troubleshoot with you!

A word about caring for your adult interlock items:
Interlock wool comes to you pre-felted; this is why many people feel comfortable washing it in machines. But, while machine washing won’t felt your interlock like it would your knits, it might tug and pull and stress the fabric, causing premature wear.

To give your HumBird interlock items their best life, we recommend hand-washing in Unicorn Beyond Clean, removing excess water using the towel method, and laying flat to dry.

See our Wool Care Guide for detailed instructions on caring for your HumBird wool.

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