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Merino Jersey: Adult Dolman
Merino Jersey: Adult Dolman

Merino Jersey: Adult Dolman

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The HumBird Merino Jersey Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

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As of July 1, 202 the pattern was updated for an updated finish on the curved hem. 

The merino jersey dolman is a trim but relaxed fitting top. It has a flattering curved hem that looks great on a large variety of body types. It can be made with short or long sleeve and the long sleeve can be made as a colour block. Please leave the contrasting colour in the notes section at checkout. 

Customizations available:

1. Contrasting long sleeve colour (due to the dolman sleeve short sleeve will always be the same colour as the body).

2. Hem length: Please use this add-on to increase shirt length.

3. Long Sleeve Length: Additions up to 3 inches are allowed at no additional cost.

This item can be made in all jersey fabrics. Please note that the more lightweight the fabric is the more relaxed it will fit.

The HumBird [ Merino x Tencel Collection ] is made with jersey fabric. It has a fabric weight of 200gsm (grams per meter) and is an ideal material to use for year-round comfort. Both Merino and Tencel™ are known for their breathability, moisture management, anti-bacterial properties and being gentle on the skin. These materials are combined together to make an outstanding fabric that is comfy and environmentally responsible.

More on Merino: Our merino is made using the Schoeller EXP method. EXP stands for “EX-Pollution", which describes its avoidance of pollutants during the anti-felting treatment process.

Merino jersey that is considered "easy care" (can be laundered without fulling) is traditionally processed with the use of chlorine and often coated in a polymer (plastic) finish.

In contrast, the EXP method uses salts to keep the wool ecological.

Read more about the process here.

More on Tencel™: Tencel fibers are produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources. The yarn is produced in a closed loop production process with high efficiency and low ecological impact.

Read more about Tencel here.

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