March 22, 2018

Does Wool Burn? + Why you should care

Does Wool Burn? If you are searching for authentic wool fabric or clothing, or just curious about wool in general you may be wondering if it burns. Here's the scoop and important things you should know. 

does wool burn

HumBird wool cloth diaper covers, wool longies, wool pants and even adult clothing are all made from wool! However, not all wool is created equal. Some wool is made and mixed with other fibers to help reduce cost. 

While some fabric may appear to be wool, there are many companies who have done a fairly good job making synthetic wool fabric that may look and feel like wool to someone who doesn't handle a lot of fabric. 

Why would someone make fake or altered wool?

Cost is the primary factor driving the market for fake wool. However, many fabric gurus report that one sure way to test the fibers is through a burn test. Burning wool fabric is a quick way to tell if the wool is real or fake. 

Does wool burn?

Instead of burning, wool chars and is difficult to light. A fake wool fabric may melt, smell like plastic and chemicals and catch fire. 

Due to it's natural fire resistance, wool is often used in furniture and curtains. However, due to it's expense, it's often reserved for special items like wool cloth diaper covers. 

When burning wool, it looks charred like an overcooked item on the grill, but does not take a flame and run or melt. 

How to avoid fake wool

If you're buying new wool, purchasing from a reputable source is important. Looking for second-hand wool? The HumBird chat group is a great place to buy gently used wool diaper covers and children's pants at a great price. 

If you are searching for items at a thrift shop, look at the item carefully for tags or brand markings. Remember, once you burn wool the item may no longer be functional so getting info from tags or labels is helpful. 

If you really want to test the fibers and decide to do a wool burn test, make sure it's not on an area that is functional or visible. 

Questions? Visit the HumBird Facebook page and watch for the monthly hand-dyed wool preorders! Order the items you want in your size and color of choice from the month's selection. 

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