January 18, 2022

HumBird Product Labeling

Here at HumBird we believe in the freedom to choose your clothing based on what you want, not based on the "gender" it is supposedly made for. That's why at HumBird the clothing is made for EVERYONE.

 We strive to make HumBird a brand that is inclusive. It is our motto after all, "Wool Clothing for EveryBody EveryDay". We are always working on expanding our sizing, expanding our selection, and truly meeting our motto. It is not just words on a website, it is a motto we feel strongly about.

This is also why you will not see any filters based on gender, because really, why limit yourself? Wear it all. 

We feel strongly about this and discourage the use of terms such as "mama" wool, as you don't need to be a mama to wear it. We encourage the term adult wool, to encourage inclusivity. 

HumBird Organization


If you ever see a place where we can improve we welcome your thoughts. Be part of the HumBird Family, we are an open drove. 

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