December 20, 2021

Winter Wishes

Holiday Greetings from Dawn & Family

Seasons greetings and winter wishes to each and everyone of you and your families!

The HumBird community means the world to us and is the driving force behind what we do.  Thank you for all your encouragement and supporting small, sustainable businesses. Through your purchases and sharing about HumBird we are able to have a thriving slow fashion and sustainability driven business. It isn't always easy to do but you all make it possible.

We wish that all of you will have a beautiful and restorative season full of love and happiness (and woolly warmth!)

Happy Holidays HumFam! 


Gratitude: a note from Dawn

Sending the warmest of holiday wishes from our HumBird family to yours.

Special thanks to Markus, the truest of partners.

Evelyn: who makes almost every day here at HBHQ.

The family: my mom who supported and brainstormed with me to create HB. My brother who answers any business questions I have. My girls... without them there would be no HB. Uncle Horsti and Sigi who do soup Saturdays and dog walking, thank you. My parents in law who do so so much. And my dearest dad who made me who I am and who HB is named for.

The Admin: Sarah, Sienna, Jessica, Aimee and Tin who help me see many points of view. Who almost never get irritated during color picking season (which comes all the time and is incredibly hard.) Without them HB could never run smoothly. They work hard to keep the BST running smoothly and without them HB would not be what it is.

The Customers: You all who make HB my second family and home. The community keeps me focused on what is important and why HB began and continues.

Alles Gute!