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Wool Stay Dry Liner

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Finally a machine washable wool stay dry liner, you put the wool next to baby's skin then your diaper or insert after. Please note it is highly recommended to use a gentle cycle to keep the wool in good shape. Best is always hand-washing and will keep the liner from wearing as quickly. It is important to keep the wool right up next to where the pee comes out, and not sagging away. Because wool will resist moisture, you have to have it right there so that the pee will go through it, wool doesn't absorb quickly so your insert or diaper will absorb and the liner will stay dry.

Rinse the wool liner first thing in the morning with a little vinegar to cut the pee/ammonia and then handwash or machine wash if needed with a gentle soap such as olive oil soap or any gentle detergent or wool wash of your choice. I like Dr. Bronners bar soap or Kiss my Face Olive oil soap. Do not lanolize if you want to use them as a stay dry layer.

Mint is a slightly older pattern than is a cm wider and cm shorter.

Size is 13 x 5 inches.

If washed on hot can shrink slightly with first wash.

Wool Stay Dry Liner
Wool Stay Dry Liner
Wool Stay Dry Liner
Wool Stay Dry Liner
Wool Stay Dry Liner
Wool Stay Dry Liner
wool liners
4 reviews

Wool Stay Dry Liner

These are all Ready to Ship.  Finally a machine washable...

Sale price$6.75

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Jael D.
Wool Stay Dry Liner

Me gusta wool stay dry liners!! Keep my baby’s bum mucho dry!! Mucho soft! Quiero más!!!

Aimee S.
Wool Stay Dry Liner

My son has very sensitive skin including wetness sensitivity and a sensitivity to synthetic fabrics (which most stay dry liners are made of.) These wool diaper liners work perfectly at keeping my son dry and redness free and I feel good knowing that we are using a sustainable and certified fabric that is not harming our oceans and planet.

Hannah F.
Wool Stay Dry Liner

This product is amazing! Keeps my heavy wetter dry all night long ❤️️ very trim and absorbent

Florielynn j.
Wool Stay Dry Liner

I love these wool liners. It keeps my baby's bum dry