Size Chart and Measuring Guide for Children's Wool Bottoms

If using as a diaper cover take all measurements with baby wearing your biggest, bulkiest diaper you will want to use with the wool to ensure best fit. Some parents choose to have different wool for day use (thinner diaper) and overnight use (thickest overnight diapers.)

If you prefer a roomier fit and are near the end of one size, please size up. 

The approximate ages are also hugely variable, since babies (and diapers) come in many sizes. Are you using a thinner day-time diaper or a highly absorbent, heavy wetter, overnight diaper? Flats, prefolds, fitted diapers ... all these factors affect the sizing.

If you have any questions, join our Chat group and BST to talk to real parents using HumBird and see the fit on real babies! 

WAIST: Measure all the way around, above the diaper (not on the diaper). 

THIGHS: Measure all the way around the thigh at its largest point.

INSEAM: Measure the inner leg from the lowest point of the diaper (or underwear) to the bottom of the ankle.

RISE: Measure from back top of the diaper, through the legs, to top front of the diaper and add 1 to 2 inches depending on your preference (this will be sure that the cover completely covers the diaper).

HIP: Hip is measured at the fullest part all the way around which is normally around the butt. HumBird size charts do not give a range for hips, instead they give a max hip. Why? Due to personal preferences what one person might deem too baggy another feels the fit is perfect. With a max hip you can determine for yourself what type of fit you like. The max hip will be a snug fit that should not be stretched. If your child measures the max hip for a size then it will not fit for much longer, therefore, we would recommend sizing up.


 For and example of extended fit vs regular fit scroll down to the end. 

Slim fit styles include skinnies, schmals, and relaxed fit schmals.



Regular No Fluff vs Extended Fit Comparison

This is my 10 year old modeling trousers from the regular and extended fit lines.

*Both are size 9/10
*Kaleidoscope is Regular No Fluff slim leg longies
*Pine Tree is Extended Fit No Fluff PANTS
*Kaleidoscope is HumRugged
*Pine Tree is HumClassic
*Both had added inseam but no other adjustments

Current measurements:
Waist: 24”
Hip: 28.5”
Rise: 18”

The slim leg longies fit as you would expect that style to fit. The ExFit PANTS are looser on her body than the style is meant to be due to the extended fit sizing. Technically, this particular 10 year old fits true to size in the Regular No Fluff line, but the ExFit line still works and leaves more room to grow. We love both options!


Fluff Models

  • Newborn: waist is slightly bigger; crotch depth slightly bigger; leg cuts grading a bit different but not by a huge amount
  • XS: Crotch depth also slightly deeper; mostly just the straights pattern changed a bit with a slightly narrower leg cut
  • XSL+: will now offer all styles; straights is cut slightly narrower in the leg
  • S/SL: no noticeable changes
  • SL+: same rise as SL; hip in-between S/SL and M/ML; inseam is 1" longer than SL; 11" total
  • M/ML: no noticeable changes except 1/4" in waist height
  • L: no noticeable changes
  • XL: no noticeable changes

No Fluff Toddler/Big Kid Models

  • Size 2yo:  no noticeable changes
  • Sizes 3-5/6: have gone through minimal changes
  • 18 mo: now 12/18 mo and is found in all styles except bloomers
  • SL longies: cut straighter from thigh to ankle
  • 7/8 through 11/12: these have gone through more changes than sizes 5/6 and under so please be aware if you are ordering, especially sizes 9/10 and 11/12. Crotch depth has been shortened to remove some bulk. Inseams ran long and have been shortened to match the size chart, also went through some changes to make the leg cuts match the other sizes and will no longer fit the same. 




Questions about the different styles? Check out the summary of styles here