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Merino Jersey: Adult Cross Front Shirt (light weight MxT colours)

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The HumBird Merino Jersey Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

For a look at the colours please click here.

Here it is. A nursing friendly and/or just plain stylish shirt.  We recommend sizing one size down in lw MxT as the material is very stretchy. 

1. For long sleeve shirts there is an Extra long cuff on the sleeve you can cuff it or scrunch it. Half sleeve (above elbow sleeves) are also banded but come with a thin band.

2. Easy access for nursing moms. Does not hang open when bending down when sized appropriately. I suggest to buy for chest size and consider buying one size smaller in lightweight MxT due to stretchiness of the material.

3. Banded bottom.



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