December 05, 2020

HumBird - behind the scenes.

  1. Quality- not only do we adhere to strict quality control procedures to help ensure that the final product is perfect we constantly examine our process and our product to further develop any areas that could be improved.
  2. Turn around- HumBird sets strict ship by dates to ensure customers an approximate arrival time. There are many aspects of a business out of our control; suppliers, postal delays, and the economy, to name just a few. We focus instead on the aspects we can control, and turnaround is one of them.
  3. Community-HB was created when I was looking for a community in order to not feel so lonely, and it is and will continue to remain the pillar of focus for HB.

Quality is a goal that is worked on continually by both Evi and I. Evi graduated from fashion school and comes with a set of talents that compliments the foundation I (Dawn) began years ago. We also work with Simona, our pattern refiner, to make our thoughts a reality.

In order to accomplish our turnaround time HumBird opens product sales for short bursts of time. It is not that we are "fast"- that goes against our commitment to quality. It is that we do not sell more than we can handle within the turnaround time we committed to. 

Our method of short windows of purchasing opportunity comes with advantages and drawbacks and is neither better nor worse than other ways of selling. It is the way that works best with how my mind works and my focus for HumBird.

HumBird makes contributions to a variety of community programs yearly. Not limited to:

  • Plan international where we sponsor Grace yearly
  • Carbon footprint buyback programs
  • Fairfight
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Multiple Sclerosis community help
  • Nevada Youth Empowerment Project