🐑 Earthday tie-dyes open April 19-21 or until supplies run out! Merino Jersey clothing will reopen May 9th! 🐑

Monthly Wool Pre-orders

The EarthDay coupon code "earthday2021" goes live on April 19 20:00 CET time. If bought before the coupon code goes live discount will NOT be retroactively given. Please make sure to wait until code is live.

Tie dye pieces always come out with different looks and dye amounts. Please see the HumBird BST and Chat on facebook for more views of the tie dyed pieces of wool.


Please remember that exact colours are very difficult to convey in pictures. Modeled pictures of the colours can be found in the

HumBird BST and Chat on FaceBook.

Monthly interlock pre-orders are regular windows of opportunity to order HumBird mill dyed or kettle dyed wool products, in a few pre-determined colours, at 10% (or more on special sales!) off retail price. Learn more about HumBird's Monthly Pre-orders here

 All colours can be seen in more detail on the BST and Chat on facebook to search the colour or check the preorder history!

HumBird is committed to putting earth first and working hard to ensure that animals are treated with the respect they deserve. As a commitment to this HumBird has invested in:

All colours marked with a " * " above, are made with 

Responsible Wool Standard yarn.

Note #1: Do NOT order pre-order and retail items together. 
Note #2: Shipping will often NOT be combined for multiple orders due to the difficulty of organization. If you would like us to try to combine your orders you MUST leave your previous order number(s) in the notes section of the following order(s). i.e. "Please combine with order number 23958".


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