February 09, 2022

Custom HumBird Leggings

The problem with a one size fits all leggings is we are not all one size. Often you have to choose the area where the sizing guide fits perfectly and then be ok with it not fitting perfectly everywhere else. What do you do? Do you buy to fit the size of your legs, or the size of your hips, or the size of your waist?

This is one of the benefits of shopping with HumBird. We are a true slow fashion clothing maker. First you place your order and then we cut your item. Because of this, we have the opportunity to adjust the sizing to fit your personal measurements.

At HumBird you have a variety of hip options: A, B, C, D, W. You then select your desired leg size from size 00 to size 34W. The best part, though, is your custom waistband. You give us your current waist measurement for where you want the waistband to sit, and we customize it to take into account the fabric's stretch.

The hip sizing goes from a model A, which is a hip that has the largest difference between high hip measurement and full hip measurements (curviest), to the D model, which has the least difference between high and full hip (straightest). We also now offer the model W which takes into account the needs of the full figured body.
Here is a testimonial from one of our customers;
Dawn Kirkland Jesse you did an amazing job on these leggings!!!! I love the new taper option (leg size different than hip size) since my calf muscles are bigger than the size chart. Also I really like that there's no restricting fabric around my ankles!!!!! These are my new favorite pants!!!! Thank you so much for giving more options!!!! Leggings size 8 B model with taper size 14 calf.