April 16, 2022

The work towards inclusivity

Being inclusive is very important to me and is an ongoing development here at HumBird as I learn more and update more to reach that goal.

Inclusivity graphic of colourful clip art people

We have been working towards that goal in many ways:

  1. Searching for models that include different skin colours, different bodies, and show the product on more than one model. This is a slow but steady process as I search for models and photographers. Each year we are able to progress more and more as I collaborate with more professionals able to help HumBird achieve this goal.
  2. Expanding sizing to include more bodies and shapes. As we update patterns we are doing our best to expand the size range and take into account the many shapes our bodies come in. Last year our goal was to adapt our legging pattern to not only adjust to inseam length but to allow a customer to choose hip and waist size and then even further to specify mid thigh and full calf sizes to get a one of a kind, fit to you, legging.
  3. Moving towards unified pricing. As new products are added and updates are made we are trying hard to unify the adult pricing based on the item and not the size. 

Are there other areas that we can improve upon? We are here with an open eyes researching on our own and we are here with open ears to hear what suggestions you might have.