April 01, 2017

How to Store Wool Cloth Diapers

     One question I'm frequently asked is "How to store wool cloth diaper covers." Storing wool cloth diaper covers can be short term, or long term. Maybe you are saving your longies for cooler weather, or your whole wool collection for the next baby. Storing wool cloth diaper covers properly is easy and will keep them in their best shape.

how to store wool cloth diapers

      Storing wool cloth diaper covers is easy. Remember, wool is a natural fiber. It needs to breathe and have good air circulation. Keeping wool somewhere where it can breathe is good and avoiding chemical moth deterrents like moth balls will keep the wool in it's best shape and free from chemical odors.

     It's a good idea to make sure that the wool is clean. If you're washing you wool cloth diapers or wool clothing right before storing, make sure it has thoroughly dried to avoid geeing musty or moldy. Wool is long lasting and when stored properly can be used over and over again on siblings, friends or sold on the buy sell trade market.

Here are tips for storing wool cloth diapers:

  1. Keep wool somewhere where air circulates such as a dresser drawer or closet. Avoid plastic bags and plastic vacuum seal products.
  2. Make sure wool is dry, do not store partially wet or soiled.
  3. Store flat or folded gently in a breathable case like a zippered pillow case.
  4. Pair with cedar balls, rings or blocks to keep away pests naturally.
  5. Avoid moth balls.
  6. Wool can be hung in the closet, but storing flat will help it retain it's shape.

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     Weather you have wool cloth diaper covers, shorties, wool longies, wool cloth diaper wraps or even wool mama leggings, keeping them stored properly short and long term is key. When items are in use, it's okay to keep them in a drawer or shelf. However, if being stored for any period of time, following the tips above will ensure that your wool will be around for a very long time. Thanks for stopping by!

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