November 19, 2017

HumBird Black Friday Sales 2017 11/20-11/27

The HumBird Black Friday Sale 2017 has begun! Welcome to sales that run 11/20-11/24! The first sale starts early on 11/19 at 8:00 PM EST as a thank you and seek peak for the HumBird customer family! 

There are a series of codes that make this sale happen! Here is the info:

  • Monday 11/20 (starts 11/19 0M EST) hybrids 30% off using BFM30
  • Tuesday 11/21 will be 25% off of wool using BFT25
  • Wednesday 11/22 Hemp fitteds and all inserts 20% off using BFW20
  • Thursday is flats 20% off using code BFT20
  • Friday is final discounts no codes needed.

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Additional info. No other coupon codes will be valid from Nov. 20th-27th. Items will automatically be held so if you have an add-on item shipping will be cheaper. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful Holiday!